Attention Folks who never give up….Its NEVER too late to be fit ! This FREE 1-Hour Exclusive Workshop Reveals…

How To learn these 3 simple steps to transform your body any where and at any age!

Without investing thousands of dollars in gyms, diets and fitness trainers!

Date: Jun 5th, 2023 | Time: 3:00-4:00 PM US/Pacific

Join us for this LIVE Workshop…

And learn how you can enjoy their best health now while inspiring your children, family and friends

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In This FREE Workshop…

You Will Learn...

Remember, you can and I’ll show you exactly how to do it in this Workshop.

Who This Workshop Is Really For

This is For YOU if…

  • People who are sick and tired of missing the mark.
  • People who feel alone, ashamed and have lost hope.
  • People who feel the fear of gyms and technology for accountability that may save their lives and inspire their family.

This is NOT For YOU if..

  • This workshop is NOT for the KNOW it ALL folks. If you know it all, keep going.
  • This workshop is NOT for those who are comfortable where they are.
  • Is NOT for those who do not see the value in being healthy for themselves and their family.

If you’re ready to take things to the next level and learn how you can enjoy their best health now while inspiring your children, family and friends , then you get to be in this FREE Workshop!

An Important Message From Your Instructor, Thomas Andrews...

I'm Taking Years Of Experience & Giving You My Exact Blueprint Tolearn these 3 simple steps to transform your body any where and at any age!

"12 years ago I was broken, lost, overweight and homeless. Today, I am in control and I can change my body anytime, anywhere. "

Hey there,

My name is Thomas Andrews and I don't say the above to brag, but to show you that I've been where you are my friend.

I know what it feels like to not be able to look, feel and move their best right now!…

And after years of dealing with that…

I figured out the secret that changed everything for me…

To the point that today…

✅ I learned the keys to transform my mind and body anytime, anywhere…

✅ I now have a beautiful 10 month old baby boy and a loving partner. …

✅ I have helped people learn to recognize which mindset & conditions are present when they are in the weight loss Zone.…

And I’m inviting YOU and a group of amazing people to join me in this FREE 1-Hour Workshop to learn exactly how I got here…

And how YOU can too!

Thomas Andrews

Thomas Andrews is a coach, visionary, father and student of life. His journey into transforming his health, fitness and life began at age 48 when he was overweight, and in his darkest moments with drugs and alcohol. As he stepped into sobriety and devoted to learning about his body and mind, he rediscovered his passion for fitness- he also discovered that others who learned and applied the steps he was taking experienced transformation on multiple levels. Today, Thomas has dedicated an entire decade to helping others transform.
Thomas is the founder + owner of T3 Beach Fitness, and the inventor of the T3 Bag. He shares fitness tips which have long been practiced by high level athletes to help people from all walks of life get in the best shape of their life! He has worked with over 3,000 people through group and personal training to achieve life-changing, quantifiable results by “reverse engineering” their current condition combined with “getting outside” to move their body.
His mission is to get people back to the best natural anti-aging environments in the world: The beach. With his T3 Bag, you no longer have to bring weights to the beach. Fill up and train outside on the sand.

Check out the schedule and sign up at
Instagram/Facebook/youtube/website @t3powerready
Mobile 323-272-1590

Testimonials From Folks who never give up….Its NEVER too late to be fit Just Like YOU ...

Hear What They Have To Say

The bag, the program, the journey. T3-Power ready is truly a process that has built layers and layers of strength, stability and structure into my training where there was almost none. As a seasoned athlete I’ve trained for years but mostly would plateau. I’ve now kick started my life so I have a baseline of strength, functional movements and a new methodology of training that supports me where I want to go in my fitness. In 6 months my body structure has completely changed in ways it hasn’t through the same repeat movements I’ve subjected it to for years.
J. Richmond
“I purchased the small Power bag and I’m so happy I did. Without this bag my workout routine would be basic! It allows me to push myself to limits I didn’t know had. In addition to T3’s Take 5 workouts, I work out when it’s convenient to me or when I am on the go. The T3 bag also folds and has a compact carrying bag, it’s like bringing the gym with you! This bag is a game changer!”
R. Ford
On the sand under the sun to the sound of the crashing waves you going to get a phenomenal workout and a great body, I lost 30 pounds working with Thomas regularly, he really cares about your goals.”
G. Smith
“This is a total body, mind and soul workout in nature with the smart, kind, fun and firm guidance of Thomas Andrews who is a complete trainer in all regards. If you're in LA this is a must experience green fitness workout for your body, mind and soul on the beach!”
-New Mavericks
“The T3 system is a game changer! Whatever your goals, Thomas knows how you can (and helps you stay motivated) to achieve them. Optimal diet, exercise and overall body fitness is achievable at any age and starting point when you team up with the right system...T3 is it.”
D. Gowans
“Thomas is really the guru at overall wellness. I achieved my goals, but more importantly acquired skillz, techniques and a new mind set that I can use for the rest of my life.”
Brendan, Australia